Here are some testimonials from our patients!

These are just a few testimonials we've randomly selected out of our many satisfied patients we were fortunate to have helped.

Andy E.

Integrated Sport, Spine and Rehab was recommended to me after I was dinged up at the gym. Dr. Bobby Mozafari understood exactly what was going on with me and we set up a solid rehab plan that made a difference.

He uses modern technology and methods to help his patients get back to where they wanted to be. I would recommend this office to anybody who asks.

Nick S.

One of few rehab places I have been to that they want you to get healthy as fast as possible instead of coming back as many time as they can get you to show up. Friendly helpful and very warm. If you go you would be happy.

Ramon H.

Dr. Bobby is nothing short of incredible. He worked with my son and it has made a world of difference. we have worked with a few people during my sons rehab and Dr. Bobby is one of the best. Very professional while still explaining things so that you can understand. He has a wealth of knowledge and know how to use it without sounding like a know it all. I highly encourage anyone who is need to contact and work with him.

Brandon M.

Dr. Mozafari is by far one of the most evidence based chiropractors in the area. He doesn’t try to sell you gimmicks, or get you on extremely long treatment plans..he simply finds what needs to be fixed, and with enthusiasm, gets the job done, quickly. His patient centered care provides positive outcomes because he not only treats you, but teaches you!

Tori B.

Dr. Bobby is the best! I started going to ISSR for physical therapy after a knee injury and I am so glad I did! I’m used to physical therapy where you’re stuck alone on a few pieces of equipment and then kicked out the door once you’re deemed healed. Dr. Bobby worked one on one with me throughout my recovery AND worked with me to correct the bio-mechanical issues that caused my injury in the first place. Instead of just fixing the injury and sending me on my way, Dr. Bobby worked to ensure I wouldn’t sustain any more injuries in the future. He is also completely knowledgeable, approachable, and an all around nice guy. I highly recommend Integrated Sport, Spine & Rehab!!!

Shelly A.

Wanted to send a huge thank you to Dr. Bobby Mozafari at Integrated Sport, Spine, and Rehab for everything that he has done for me. When I first came to him, my body was a mess. As you can imagine, life as a gymnast, rhythmic gymnast, contortionist, aerialist, and hand balancer takes its toll on the body after 20years.  Low back pain, pain in my psoas and QLs, ribs sliding out of place, and painful popping and limited mobility in my right shoulder. I have seen many orthopedists, physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors throughout the years with varying levels of disappointment. Ranging from, “oh it looks like you might have some inflammation here” to “well if you are in pain, stop doing gymnastics”. I have been to chiropractors who “adjust” you for 2 minutes and send you on your way. Physical therapists who give you (a high level athlete) the same exercises as they would a 70yr old male. But luckily for me, my string of bad doctors has finally come to an end. Dr. Bobby first took an assessment of my body, putting me through different movements and assessing my pain level and degree of mobility. Before treating me, he had me get an MRI to really assess what was going on in my lower back. When the results came back, he went over the entire report with me. He pulled up the images and showed me exactly what he was talking about. He even called the radiologist while I was there to discuss it further. Once he started treating me he has used a variety of techniques. The most effective in my opinion has been the dry needling. Who knew something so painful could provide so much needed relief?! He also uses massage, and chiropractic techniques, and physical therapy exercises. If I ever have any questions about what he is doing or I don’t fully understand, he takes the time to explain it to me using the 3D models sitting on his desk, the posters on his wall, and even the text books sitting on his shelf. (I thought they were just for show! Lol) Now that my pain has been significantly reduced and my mobility has greatly increased, he has been working with me on my actual contortion moves. I have shown him some skills that cause me pain, and he has helped me find ways to change the movement or engage my core in order to still do the movement but not be in pain. I truly can’t thank him enough! So please, if you are in pain, whether it be a knee, shoulder, hip, back etc. please go see Dr. Bobby. I so wish that I had found him earlier in my career.

Monica B.

I do not have enough to say about Dr Mozafari. His caring demeanor and expertise made my life so much better. I am getting ready to go back to exercising after being after his care. I had severe back pain and neck arthritis. After dry needling, chiropractic care, taping and continuous easy to my level exercises, the pain level is not existent. I learned exercises to strengthen my core and neck. I feel stronger, learned ways how to avoid injuries and firmly believe my workouts will be more productive. If you want to enhance yourself and learn how your body works, I challenge you to invest your time with Dr Mozafari. Your body will thank you.

T. L.

I first met Dr. Mozafari when he practiced in St. Louis.  He is an excellent doctor.  I learned the cause of my lower back pain.  Through his exercises and treatment I am 100% better.  I would recommend him to anyone!